If you are missing teeth, securing denture services can provide an effective, natural-looking solution to restore your self-confidence and jaw function through cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio, TX. Dentures also make it easier to chew and speak. Custom-made in a dental lab to fit an individual’s mouth, denture services will adhere securely to the patient’s gums for an improved smile that is both comfortable and easy to care for.

Alamo Ranch Dental Care offers customizable dentures that fit perfectly over your gums. Our dentures are secure, comfortable, and look fantastic!

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures have a natural flesh-colored base that is made to fit over your gum line. The base of the upper denture covers the gums and the roof of your palate. The lower denture has a U-shape to make room for the tongue but has a similar base color and texture as the upper denture.

Types of Denture Services

woman uses denture servicesBased on the extent of the damage and loss of teeth, your Alamo Ranch Dental Care specialist will determine which type is best for you. The three main types of dentures in general dentistry services in San Antonio Texas include:

Conventional Full Dentures

This full denture option is made for you if all your teeth have been removed but need to wait until the gums fully heal before placing the dentures. This can often take several months, and you may go without teeth for the duration of the healing process.

Immediate Full Dentures

Unlike conventional full dentures, we insert these dentures immediately after removing your remaining teeth. We take measurements of the gums and jaw before the procedure. You may prefer this option because you do not have to go without teeth for an extended period.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a great option if you are only missing some of your teeth. Made from both metal and acrylic, they accommodate the remaining natural teeth while providing durable false teeth to improve the overall strength of the jaw and mouth. They also prevent shifting of the other teeth and further structural damage.

What Can You Expect with Your New Dentures

As with any dental procedure, it will take some time for you to adjust to your new dentures. It is common for you to feel uncomfortable or awkward while eating or speaking for several weeks after getting your newly-fitted dentures. But after some practice, you will begin to feel more natural and everyday interactions will become easier.

With new dentures, you may experience the following:

  • Bulky or loose feeling in the mouth
  • Increased flow of saliva
  • Irritation or soreness
  • Adjusting to having dentures in your mouth instead of real teeth

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Regular toothpaste will not keep your dentures clean. It is almost impossible to reach all the bacteria only using toothpaste because toothpaste was not designed to clean dentures. To remove all bacteria, you will need a special liquid formula made for denture teeth cleaning. This prevents oral infections, bad breath, and other dental issues going forward.

You will also need complete dentures in San Antonio Texas, from time to time to rebase and realign the dentures.

Schedule Dental Services in San Antonio, TX

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