Are you ready to restore the appearance of your teeth and improve your mouth’s chewing performance? Alamo Ranch Dental Care offers long-lasting, durable cavity fillings as part of our general dentistry services in San Antonio, TX. In short, we can help you replace the part of your tooth that went through damage either by decay or an accident.

What is a Cavity Filling?

Cavity fillings are artificial substances used to fill in the holes or gaps in the enamel of decayed, broken or damaged teeth. Dental fillings restore the shape and stability of your tooth to make it easier for you to chew and prevent further damage, decay, and loss of the tooth.
We use fillings to treat tooth decay or teeth that have suffered cracks, breaks, or excessive wear.

Do You Need Cavity Fillings?

man received cavity fillingsCavity fillings are most often used to repair cavities, which are spots of tooth decay caused by oral bacteria. We can remove the decayed material from your tooth and repair the hole with a filling material. This stops the decay from progressing any further, and it also keeps the tooth strong and resistant to damage such as cracks and chips.

Some signs you may have a cavity that requires tooth fillings in San Antonio TX include:

  • A constant, dull toothache
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and foods
  • The appearance of a black or brown spot on the surface of your tooth
  • Sharp pain when biting down on a particular tooth
  • Bad breath that does not go away with brushing

Sometimes you need fillings to address problems other than cavities. If you chip a tooth, we may recommend a filling to repair the chip. Some patients who grind their teeth eventually wear down their enamel to the point that a dental filling is needed to prevent further damage. Biting your nails and using your teeth to open packages may also cause enamel wear and chips that we would need to fix with a filling.

Composite Resin Fillings

Replacing Tooth

A filling is placed in a tooth, to replace the portion of the tooth that is missing or decayed. The decayed area needs to be removed by the dentist, then restored with the filling material. A tooth may need a filling if part of it has chipped off or broken (e.g., after biting on popcorn) or trauma. Sometimes fillings are placed on teeth to help to replace wear or erosion. Fillings work best when they are small or medium-sized, so there is plenty of good tooth structure to support it. If there is large decay or a crack in the tooth, a crown (or “cap”) may be needed. If it has already reached the nerve of the tooth, then pulp capping the tooth or root canal treatment may be needed.

There are many types of filling materials. Composite resin materials are the closest to match your natural tooth color. Fillings are normally placed in one appointment. The tooth is shaped so that it can be prepared for the filling(s). A filling can last for a long time with good eating habits, brushing and flossing and with regular dental visits. They will need to be replaced over time depending on these factors.


Bonding refers to the use of adhesive resin composite to match the filling material to the adjacent teeth with the use of a curing light. This is typically associated with changing the shape and position of the teeth or for cosmetic reasons.

The Cavity Filling Procedure

Cavity filling in San Antonio Texas take time to complete and require a careful approach. You should expect your filling to take approximately one hour to perform from start to finish. If your cavity is small, we may be able to complete your filling in substantially less time. The procedure includes:

  • Your dentist will numb the area around your tooth
  • They will then remove the decayed portion of your tooth
  • We will then remove all debris and clean your tooth
  • Your dentist will probe your tooth to ensure all decay is gone
  • We will fill the hole in your tooth

Your dentist can use tools such as x-rays and lasers to detect small, pinhole cavities before they cause any symptoms. It’s often best to fill the cavities at this stage before they begin causing any symptoms since they present a more significant threat to the integrity of the tooth as they continue to grow larger.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Fillings

When you return home from the filling appointment, the anesthetic should wear off after about one to three hours. Your jaw may be a little sore from having to hold your mouth open from the dentist, but you should not notice any overt pain. You may also experience some sensitivity in the filled tooth, especially if the cavity was large, but this symptom should fade within a week or two.

You should care for a tooth with a filling just as you would a normal, healthy tooth. Make sure you brush and floss the tooth daily to prevent oral bacteria from accumulating on or around the filling. Contact our clinic for teeth cleaning appointments every six months, and schedule regular checkups so that if your filling does become worn or damaged, your dentist can detect it early.

Schedule a Cavity Filling in San Antonio, TX

If you are suffering from a toothache, sensitivity, or other oral problem, then contact Alamo Ranch Dental Care. We can analyze the extent of your dental issue and then provide the right treatment for you. To find out more about cavity fillings, call us today at 855.600.3871 and schedule a consultation.