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Cosmetic Dentistry


Your smile says a lot about you and the color of your teeth have the biggest impact on your smile. There are many products available to whiten teeth.  However, it takes a prescription level whitening to have the most effect.  We offer the following solutions:

- Simple 5-day whitening kits great for teens and touch-ups

- Traditional custom take home whitening trays that give you control over the entire process

​- In-office Boost Whitening for an instant brightening of your whole smile

- Kör whitening for severe staining or discoloration

We will help you to select the whitening solution best suited to your smile.

What causes the Discoloration?

Natural teeth can discolor over time for many reasons.  Most adult teeth tend to be a little darker or yellower due to aging.  Surface stains (extrinsic stains) can be caused by tea, coffee, tobacco use, berries, dark sodas, or red wine for example.  These stains can be easy to remove with whitening.

Stains can occur inside the teeth (intrinsic stains) from aging, trauma or injury to the tooth, excessive mineralization, certain illness and taking certain antibiotics during early childhood. These stains may take more time or be more challenging to whiten.

Genetics also plays a role in tooth color just like your natural hair color or your eye color, but in most people this is a minor contributing factor.

If you've ever wondered if whitening could work for you, just ask!