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Routine Cleanings 

For most people, a routine dental cleaning every six months is recommended to minimize the buildup of plaque (bacterial coating) on the surface of teeth.  This routine cleaning, combined with home care, is usually enough to keep gums healthy, keep breath fresh and teeth white and clean.  Plaque (bacterial coating) if left on the teeth contributes to the formation of tooth decay and gum disease.  We do our best to offer gentle cleanings and to ensure that you will be well taken care of.  

Our goal is to provide as comfortable a cleaning experience as possible whether you are having routine care or gum disease treatment.  Be sure to read about our Comfort Digital x-rays combined with your cleaning appointment!

Periodontal Cleanings

For patients who need a little extra care, we provide periodontal (gum) therapy.  Much like a home needs a strong foundation, teeth need healthy gums and bone support for a healthy foundation.  Periodontal disease is an infection that may affect one tooth, several teeth or all teeth.  If left untreated, bacteria, plaque and tartar (calculus) cause bleeding gums and bone loss that may lead to tooth loss.  It has also been linked to other serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and low birth-weight premature infants in pregnant women. Below is a diagram of the progression from healthy teeth and gums to bleeding or puffy gums and bone loss due to the presence of bacteria around the root.  If you have any degree of periodontal disease, we want to help control the disease, so you may need cleanings more often. After all, your oral and overall health is important to us.