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Our San Antonio dentist Dr. Bushong provides Quality, Convenient Family, Implant & Cosmetic Dental Care to patients of all ages in San Antonio in a kind and caring manner. We provide many services in our dental office  including gentle dental cleanings, Invisalign braces, root canal treatment , wisdom teeth removal, dental veneers, teeth whitenings, dental implants, emergency dental care, tmj treatment, dentures and more.  We are proud to serve the Alamo Ranch community and are located in Northwest San Antonio TX 78253.  Our surrounding areas include many other areas including  78254, 78245, 78251, 78009, 78056, 78023, 78250, 78066 and 78252.   if you are looking for a dentist near me we also serve Castroville, Helotes, Far West San Antonio, Lackland AFB, Culebra Road, Alamo Ranch Parkway and beyond.

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth may need a root canal for a variety of reasons.  Some of the reasons include deep decay, deep restorations or fillings that are close to the center of the tooth which cause sensitivity (to hot/cold or sweets), pain, a cracked tooth, trauma/accident, or abcess formation.

When bacteria travel down the channels of the tooth and reach the central pulp area (where the tooth nerve resides), a root canal may be indicated.  If a root canal is indicated, but not performed, sometimes there may be pain, bad taste in the mouth, swelling/abcess, tooth loss and eventually bone loss surrounding a tooth.  

A root canal is performed by gently removing the damaged nerve from the chamber of the tooth and antibacterial paste and/or solution is placed within the canal of the tooth, followed by a root canal sealer & closure.  Usually a core build-up and crown are recommended to restore a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy (especially on a back tooth).  

In most cases, the root canal procedure is no more difficult than getting a filling or a crown.  We understand that this procedure has a scary reputation, but we provide options to help you remain comfortable and the procedure can be a great way to relieve pain and save a tooth.

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