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Dental Emergency

Oh No!  We understand.

Nobody wants a dental emergency but when it does happen, we can provide you almost all the options right here!   Whether it's a toothache, broken tooth or dental trauma, we do our very best to see our patients with a dental emergency on the same day or next day.  

We will do an emergency exam and take any necessary dental x-rays to give you the best treatment options available and, very often, begin treatment that day.  If you are having a dental emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call and let us help you.

Dental Emergency services include:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns or Bridges
  • ​Extractions (including routine third molars or wisdom teeth) and broken tooth roots.
  • Immediate Implant Placement 
  • Root canals (front teeth, premolars and most molars)
  • Trauma 
  • Children's Emergency dental care​​