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Crowns (or caps) are placed on teeth to restore the teeth in size, shape and strength.  This is usually performed after a tooth has been weakened due to large decay, large fillings, fractures, trauma or extensive wear or grinding.  Crowns can be made with various restorative materials (porcelain ceramic crowns, porcelain-to metal and all-gold crowns) each with it's own advantages and disadvantages.  The latest in dental ceramics combined with use of a local dental lab can give amazing natural results.  We balance natural-appearing esthetic options and longevity to provide you with the best option that custom fits your mouth.

Fixed Bridges

A bridge is several crowns connected together to replace a tooth (or teeth) that is missing by using the adjacent teeth as an anchor.  A fixed bridge can rest on natural teeth or on implants.

Implant Crowns

Just as in implant is a tooth-root replacement, the implant crown is cemented or screwed on to the implant.  Implant crowns have the advantage of replacing only the tooth or teeth that are missing without removing good tooth structure from adjacent teeth.