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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a thin laminate of porcelain that is bonded on a tooth or several teeth.  They are usually the thickness of a contact lens.  They help to mask colors and shape of teeth that are not esthetic.  They may help minimize spacing or gaps in between teeth.  

Porcelain crowns

With the advancements in porcelains over the last decade, the porcelain of today is no longer like the porcelain crowns of a generation ago.  Porcelain crowns can have incredible life-like translucency, transparency that is truly unparalleled to mimic and improve a natural and youthful smile.  Porcelain crowns are indicated when there is usually a larger restoration (e.g: more filling than tooth), a crack in a tooth, or history of root canal or trauma, or in cases of severe grinding/wear.


Bonding is a very conservative way to add resin composite material (white filling material) to a single tooth or several teeth.  The advantage of bonding is that there is usually minimal tooth preparation.  The disadvantage is that the bonding material may stain (e.g., with coffee and tea) over time.

Gummy Smile Correction (Esthetic Crown Lengthening)

One reason your teeth may appear short is because there is too much of a gummy smile. They may actually be the right length.  We can correct this by doing a periodontal plastic surgery procedure by reshaping the gum and bone around the tooth to expose more of the natural tooth.  This option may be combined with orthodontics for amazing results.  The final result would be evening the gum line to create a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone deserves a great smile!

We believe that every patient's dental care should include cosmetic considerations.  With our artistic capabilities, and a keen sense of dental realism, cosmetic dentistry can be offered as a range of different options below.  In our practice, your consultation for cosmetic dentistry allows the practioner and patient enough time to customize a beautiful and harmonius natural end result.  Just let us know!